[:fr]Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature[:]


Montier Photo Festival




  My name is Tanguy and I'm 26 years old. From a very young age, I roam the Haute-Marne to meet the animals that live there. What I like most of all, is the photo in the forest, and like any lover of large wooded areas, the deer is one of my favorite animals. I will not miss, for anything in the world, the era of the rut! But there is another animal, smaller, that fascinates me just as much ... the badger! Come to the festival to meet him!



The badger, a discreet and little known animal, a little appreciated but yet so endearing animal. I met him several years ago, but it was three years ago that I really got to know him. It was a May evening, when the badger was grooming, while her two babies were playing around her. Since that day, I wanted to learn more about this animal often pointed out. From now on, at the end of February, I visit the two families that live in the same wood, close to my home. Like them, I have my habits and over time, I have learned to observe them without disturbing them. My blinds are made according to their way of life and seasons and this, until the middle of August (rut of the deer obliges!). Then, with the coming of winter, the badger becomes more discreet and with this season (cold, difficulty finding food and especially new births), I also make myself more discreet, and I prefer to leave them in peace. "Small bears of our forests", first, it's the combinaison of my two passions : Nature and photography. This project is the result of 3 years (from 2017 to 2019) to follow, understand, learn and know the badger and especially the environment where it lives. I always have to go out on the field and explore its universe. It is also the desire to show this animal under at its best then they are categorized to the rank of unloved.

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