Montier Photo Festival

Tickets prices

-14 ansFree
PASS 1 day16 €
PASS 2 days (consecutive days)28 €
PASS 3 days (consecutive days)36 €
PASS 4 days47 €
Reduced Price – PASS 1 day13 €
Sunday afternoon from 13.30
Teenagers from 14 to 18 years old, pupils, schoolboys, disabled people (on presentation of disability card)
Associations, representative committee, etc. (15 person minimum), 1 payment by the association, reservations recommended)
• Special price sunday afternoon from 12.0010 €

Payment methods allowed : CB, Cash, cheque.

Tickets Offices

Warming ou please keep in mind : the offices close 30 minutes before the end oh the day.

  • Ceffonds venue : salle des fêtes (site n°8)
  • Montier-en-Der venues : COSEC (site n°1), Haras (site n°4), Halle au Blé (site n°5)
  • Giffaumont-Champaubert venues : Salle des Sports UFOLEP (site n°9)

On-line ticketing

Buy your tickets online from September the 15th from our website

2 specific collection points online ticketing during the Festival :

– « Jean Renoir High-School » in Montier en Der (near le COSEC)

-UFOLEP in Giffaumont-Champaubert (at the entrance of the brand village)