Montier Photo Festival

Salaried team

The Board of Directors

  • FOURNEL Régis
    Régis FOURNEL


  • Alain GAVIER
    Alain GAVIER


  • Martine GIRARD
    Martine GIRARD

      Vice-Chairman & Treasurer

  • Claudette JACQUIER
    Claudette JACQUIER

      Deputy Treasurer

  • Réjane FOURNEL
    Réjane FOURNEL


  • Martine FOURNEL
    Martine FOURNEL

      Deputy Secretary

Committee Members

  • Jean-Pierre CALABRESE
    Jean-Pierre CALABRESE

      UFOLEP Giffaumont-Champaubert manager

  • Eric Krezel
    Eric KREZEL

      Board member

  • Liliane MROZ
    Liliane MROZ

      Board member and party manager

  • Jacques TICHAND
    Jacques TICHAND

      Board member and outdoor exhibition manager

Board Members


      Board member

  • Anne-Marie KREMER
    Anne-Marie KREMER

      Board member

  • Didier MARCHAND
    Didier MARCHAND

      Board member

  • Jean-Marie-MORAL
    Jean-Marie MORAL

      Board member

  • Gérard ROLIN
    Gérard ROLIN

      Board member

  • Gilles STRAUCH
    Gilles STRAUCH

      Board member

  • Montier Photo Festival
    Claude TIRAT

      Board member and logistics coordinator at Giffaumont-Champaubert

  • Montier Photo Festival
    Jacky VALTON

      Board member

  • Alain WEILL
    Alain WEILL

      Board member

  • Daniel Yon
    Daniel YON

      Board member

  • Anne LEDUC
    Anne LEDUC

      Ex officio member for the tourist information office of Pays du Der

  • Franck RAIMBAULT
    Franck RAIMBAULT

      Membre de droit de la Cté d'Agglomération Saint-Dizier, Der & Blaise


Thank you to all our volunteers!

Over 500 volunteers take part in this human adventure and make sure the festival is a pleasant experience for the photographers and the visitors as they undertake their duty with dedication and enthusiasm – a major asset.

Every year exhibitors and photographers stress the warm and friendly welcome they enjoy.

The Montier Photo Festival is a good example of local development. It is also a great time to meet, give time, socialize and support each other. The people from Montier-en-Der have joined forces to carry out this humanistic project which strengthens our community.

The Festival simply would not go ahead without the help of all our volunteers.

People from all walks of life have rallied the Festival. All kinds of skills come in useful:

  • Manual labour in the lead-up to and after the Festival to manufacture, set up, take down, bag, but also for transport and logistics…
  • Eclectic skills during the Festival: security, control, transport, sales, translation, ticketing, manning information points, welcoming guests and informing festival-goers…
  • We also rely on volunteers throughout the year for many different tasks : logistics of our touring exhibitions – exhibition handling and installation – proofreading, translation, mailshots….

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