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  A renowned photographer, Bertrand Bodin is the author of more than 20 books on wild nature and the Alps. Faithful companion of the director Jean-Michel Bertrand, this artist covered in images the quest of Jean-Michel Bertrand for more than 20 years, especially for the films "Vertige d 'une rencontre, "La vallée des loups et pour "Walking with the wolves" still in the cinema. The native of the Champsaur Valley in the Hautes Alpes, French filmmaker Jean-Michel Bertrand has made ethnological films all over the world, from Mongolia to Canada, including Siberia and Iceland. This lover of the mountain and the wildlife has signed for the cinema Vertige of an encounter in 2010 and 2017 "The valley of the wolves" which tells the quest of the great predator in a wild valley of his childhood.



Walking with wolves Photographs: Bertrand Bodin and Jean-Michel Bertrand Texts by Jean-Michel Bertrand. What place do we want to leave for wild nature? The pictures of the book and the film "Walking with the Wolves", a hymn to the wild nature. After the 200,000 admissions to the cinema of the film The Valley of the wolves in 2017, Gebeka launches, on January 15th 2020, in national release "Walking with the wolves" about a topic of current news. This film explores the sometimes tense relationships between wolves and human. Complement to the film, the book "Walking with the Wolves" tells the story of young people leaving their native pack in search of a new territory. Out of the unspoiled valley that saw them born, they will find themselves confronted with the world of human. A real road movie through the Alps and up to the Jura that tells us a lot about our relationship to the wild. Who really knows the wolf ? Who understands its dynamic, its positive role to ungulate populations? Who has studied the subtle reasons that promote or not its attacks on herds? Far from these realities, the debate is polarized between hatred… and the candid admiration of a creature in both cases simply supernatural. In short, on both sides, it is delirium. Ignorance fuels fear.That's why I decided to leave the wild valley where this adventure began to throw me a new challenge: to follow the trail of young wolves forced to colonize other territories, often at the risk of their lives. This journey confronts them hardly with a civilization tense on regulation, the levies erected as the ultimate solution and the fear of the wild. Through the mountains and plains of Europe, unaware of the passions it arouses, the wolf goes his way. May these images of landscapes and wildlife from the filming of the film reveal the beauty of a nature that it becomes urgent to preserve.


La vallée des loups (2016) - Marche avec les loups (2019)

La vallée des loups (2016) - Marche avec les loups (2019)

  Author : Jean-Michel Bertrand et Bertrand Bodin
  Publisher : La Salamandre
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