Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  Rémi Flament has been offering his skills in the field of photography for 10 years. The recognition given to him on his artistic work about landscape illustrations, makes him intervene today in ultra-specialized reporting. His technical skills as speleologist and rope access technician allow him to make reports in all environment compartments, even the most inaccessible as natural or artificial undergrounds. He is the author of 13 exhibitions and exhibited in France, Spain, England, Belgium, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. To date, he received 14 international awards for his photographic work.



The last adventures is played here : in the underworld. The time clock that prevails is different from that of humans. Each trip brings its share of beauty of incredible diversity. Each trip is unique. Then,each image immortalizes an unsuspected and extraordinary world. Here, whether it drips, streams, runs off with softness or fury, the water sets the pace of the underworld. Sweet little music barely perceptible or deafening concert, it rhythms the human adventure bringing a touch of life in this confined environment. Like delicate spiders crisscrossing the depths of the earth, the speleologist adds an extra touch of chills, they are hung, suspended, dancing on their rope like acrobats. They create with their colorful and tensioned ropes a figure generating an important disciplin in this chaotic world.

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