Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  It was in 2010 that I started taking my first pictures. I am specialized more and more in the field of entomology (part of zoology dealing with insects and other terrestrial arthropods); this has become my profession. Then macrophotography appeared to me like the best way to observe this small world. This field of Nature and wild photography allows me to preserve the most intimate fragments of this microcosm and share my vision with the general public.



The Empusa (and its larva, the diablotin) is a mythical insect for all French macrophotographers. Its very graphic form and its mimicry make it a great subject to discover the world of insects from an artistic point of view. It is therefore a species that I wished to immortalize since my photographic beginnings. I have been following a population of this insect since the beginning of 2017. Raising public awareness of Nature through photography allows me, during my exhibitions, to address other more general topics with visitors such as ecology, biodiversity, and in particular my job : biological control. In short, my photographic work could be summed up in one sentence: advocatining for nature in images!

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