[:fr]Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature[:]


Montier Photo Festival

Jean-François GRAFFAND



  Sky lover, I like to present myself as a «showman of stars». This passion for astronomical sky appeared to me from childhood, during a visit to the Observatoire du Pic du Midi, and has never left me since. My approach has always been guided by this wonder, tirelessly trying to raise awareness of the beauty of the sky and its preservation ; at a time when the night is more threatened than ever. After 20 years of popularization in astronomy with the general public, it is only in 2016 that I see in photography a new way to attract attention to the stars because the sky disappears today from our vision and, even worse, from our memory. We now live cut off from the sky, bathed in light pollution or absorbed by our screens. And this fascination for artificial lights even now threatens our right to the night. To contemplate and marvel obliges us to stop, and to fully consider where we are, between Earth and Heaven. This particular relationship to heaven, I feel as an echo. Probe this «space of infinities», and become aware of this immensity from where we came. It is this link, this echo, that I try to translate through my photographs.



The sky disappears. In silence. Despite the timid decrees seeming to protect the night, the sky has never been so threatened. The expansion of cities, their lighting, and the proliferation of Leds, the promise of low-cost lighting, diffuse an increasingly intense luminous veil between the stars and us. The Worst, the threat of technological delusions from thousands of satellites being deployed will soon draw artificial constellations. In France, the darkness necessary for the very survival of thousands of species is only a memory. Today this fascination for artificial lights, whose harmful effects on the environment and health are known, contributes to our environmental amnesia, and announces a greater threat: the forgetting of the sky. «Echos du Ciel» proposes to reinstall the night sky in the landscape. And tries by the image to sensitize and gather Earth and Heaven in the look, to remember the beauty of the night and encourage to preserve it. Thanks to the long pose with high sensitivity, capturing even the tiny lights that our eyes barely perceive, the photograph reveals to us an almost unknown world: stars, planets, nebulae, Milky Way… However, all these stars that we sometimes do not know until the day of their existence shine every night above us. A world, the Universe, which has always accompanied humanity. But today humans seem to forget it… «Echos du Ciel» is the will to recall what we all felt a night facing the starry vault ; stop, look up and marvel, and finally find our connection to heaven. «Echos du Ciel» is the desire to capture the silent, deep echo emanating from these infinite spaces. And to feel our place before the infinitely great. Probe the sky, observe, and become aware of this immensity from where we came; feel the echo; outside, inside… To remind us of the vastness of the Universe in us.

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