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Montier Photo Festival

Les sentiers de la Photo


    Les Sentiers de la photo is an open-air photographic exhibition. From July to November, the Haut-du-Tôt, the highest village in the Vosges, hosts, for the fifth consecutive year, an open-air photographic exhibition. More than 100 large-format photographs are available to visitors. It is at the bend of a hollow path, or in the shade of the tall firs, that the visitors will discover the exhibited works. For the fifth edition, a specific view of the wild world is available, on species geographically closer to the Vosges mountains. Foxes, badgers, weasels, ermines, lynx, wolves and bears have always lived by our side and this was often fatal. Their habitats are also ours : countryside, meadows, rivers, mountains, forests ; this cohabitation is sometimes brutal, because our dominating species hardly accepts coexistence. The Festival Photo Montier, associated with this project, will present two exhibitions of the Sentiers de la Photo.This partnership is an adventure that binds humans attached to wild photography and combine collectively so that these photos are seen by most of people. Finally, the big predators and the small carnivores, actors of the biodiversity of our territory, take their rightful place and have to be well-considered by everyone.  


The large family of carnivorous mammals includes species that are less imposing but are also often unfairly described as “harmful”. Through a collective exhibition, we wanted to highlight the beauty of the ermine, the marten, the fox, the badger, the wild cat and others less known. In partnership with the Association for the Protection and Protection of Wild Animals (ASPAS), more than 20 photographers accepted the project, and 40 photos will animate the heart of the "Bernadette Gardens". With fangs and hairs : From the bear to the weasel, the carnivores of France, who knows the common Genet ? Who can tell the difference between a weasel and a pine marten? The world of small carnivores are unknown and this situation causes many misunderstandings. Hunted for their fur, a few of them have narrowly escaped to extinction, such as the european mink. Accused of looting barns, transmitting diseases or ploughing the soil, they are still killed nowadays. However, they play an essential role in the ecological balance and regulation of rodent populations.To feed its litter, a couple of foxes catch thousands of voles every year. Wild cats, ermines, weasels, martens and badgers are valuable agricultural helpers. Through 40 photographs, this collective exhibition gives pride to these free and wild animals of our countryside. With : Matthieu BERRONEAU, Béatrice BOURGEOIS, Teddy BRACARD, Hugo et Nathan BRACONNIER, Joël BRUNET, Jean BRUYÈRE, Fabrice CAHEZ, Johan CHERVAUX, Adrien FAVRE, Patricia HUGUENIN, Hervé JACQMIN, Alain LAURENT, Franck LESUEUR, Bruno-Gilles LIEBGOTT, Thomas MEUNIER, Vincent MUNIER,  Laurent NÉDÉLEC, Didier PÉPIN, Marlène PIRAUD, Vincent RANOUX, Serge SORBI, Neil VILLARD. The photographs of Neil VILLARD who takes a sensitive and admiring look at one beast from the Vosges, the Lynx. This great predator which live in «our» forests, our fantasies and our fears. Neil is in search of privileged, magical, intimate and fleeting moments shared with this free and wild animals. It is a work of infinite patience that allowed to share exceptional pictures of the lynx in their natural environment.

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