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  There are photographers who are passionate about birds or butterflies. Dean Gill’s heart beats only for Zeus' excess of anger. Nearly hit by a tornado when we was five years old, Dean Gill now works as a meteorologist at Météo Suisse. He's a photographer always in search of celestial emotions, he has been hunting storms with his camera for over 30 years. After travelling around the world in the footsteps of supercells and other cumulonimbus, visiting the great North American plains, the scene of the most violent and spectacular tornadoes, he returned back to the basics and now photographs these striking phenomena in France, Switzerland and Northern Italy.


For all the faces that Mother Nature has more wild and indomitable, the storm is undoubtedly the one that is most noticeable, especially by the energetic electrical activity that it deploys. It's his DNA. At the same time, its originality also lies in this concentration of fundamental elements : water, air, fire and ice. This phenomenon is thus able to cause torrential rains, devastating hail, phenomenal snow accumulation and especially the most violent winds of the planet with gusts approaching 500 km/h at its peak, the tornado. This ability to deliver such power is the result of a highly sophisticated atmospheric mechanic, which, in its most advanced form, could meet the criteria that define what a living creature is. A real entity that breathes, feeds and moves while controlling and modifying its environment as it wishes. Coming into the heart of the cities and violently distributing all its raw energy, the storm imposes respect by showing us that we are very small and vulnerable despite our illusion of strength and domination over this world. This exhibition is both a tribute and a testimony to these beautiful and violent events through the many encounters, sometimes very close, that marked my life. This exhibition accompanies the release of the book "Chasseur d' orages" at Editions la Salamandre.


Chasseur d'orages

Chasseur d'orages

  Author : Dean Gill
  Publisher : Les Editions Salamandre
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