Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival

Yohann BERRY


  Born in 1989 in Troyes, in the Aube department, I grew up surrounded by a wonderful nature. However, I discovered photography only in 2017. The discovery of this new passion was a  revelation. I found through photography the way to express that I had been looking for for many years. In favour of local photography, I like to highlight my region through my images. We don’t imagine the nature wealth in front of us, a few meters from our home. I enjoy covering the Parc Naturel régional de la Forêt d'Orient in search of wild encounters. I like to photograph everything that shows our nature; from large deer to religious mantis, to wild orchids.



"Atmospheres" is a project including one of my best images from the last three years. I tried to attach as much importance to the subject as to its environment, through an atmosphere that was sometimes very dark, like something straight out of the darkness, sometimes extremely bright, like a hallucination. All the images of this exhibition were taken in my region. It’s a travel through the wild, the seasons, without having to travel thousands of kilometers. This exhibition is the result of a quest for onirism and graphics. I like to use the impact of depth of field to isolate my subjects, to play with the foreground to generate a particular bokeh, or to photograph in the dark to have pastel colors. Different techniques are used in order to only have a slight post-production of the images to have the photo so much hoped for. I hope that each image has a little story to tell, that it invites you to use your imagination, because the goal is to get away from the real. The goal is to feel calm into the atmosphere of each image. Feel the smell of dead leaves in the undergrowth, lend an ear to listen to the rut of a deer, see shadows moving in the dark, like ghosts.