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Montier Photo Festival




  Parrains - Invités

  I have been travelling since childhood, and I have seen many places, but I have been returning to the Arctic regularly for more than two decades. I have worked in small-ship expedition cruise tourism as expedition leader, guide, lecturer and Zodiac driver. One of my great pleasures is to have many encounters with polar bears. I have no formal training as a photographer, but the opportunities I have along the way allow we me to have accumulated some nice photos of this most charismatic of Arctic species. I take great pleasure in showing the animal to others, as well as discussing its fate. I will be available at the festival to sell and sign my latest book about polar bear conservation, together with the photographer Kyriakos Kaziraz.



There are millions of photographs of polar bears. So what can a few images of mine may be different? In this exhibition, I wish to highlight the individuality and personality of polar bears. Any polar bear has thought processes, it has emotions. It worries, it wonders, it ponders, it calculates, it analyses. When the camera looks at it, it looks back. What does a polar bear see? Can we see what the polar bear is seeing? What is in the look of a polar bear?


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