Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  Amateur photographer, I was born in 1990 in Isère (38), near the Chartreuse Regional Nature Parc. Since my first steps, nature has always been a real source of inspiration for me. I was content at first to look, to observe my environment and to discover, through my child’s eyes, all its diversity. Then, step by step, I began to look for signs of the presence of the fauna and tried to immortalize them with sometimes quite rudimentary techniques such as imprints. My goal? To tame this wild nature while remaining respectful of its indomitability. In order to deepen my knowledge and improve my methods of observation, I started photography. I was finally able to combine my naturalist passion with technique. Recently, I also make more and more landscape photography and realize animal reports as soon as I travel on more exotic tracks than usual. My goal is to make nature known to those who do not or do not know it enough, to ensure that some “unpopular” animals are at least accepted and I am constantly fighting for a greater ethic in the field of animal photography. Between disturbing an animal for a superb photo or seeing a serene and peaceful animal without being able to make a photo, I prefer not to make the photo and enjoy the present moment ...



This series is for me, the opportunity to introduce little-known and often feared species, sometimes wrongly. I like to play with the feelings, the emotions that can be lived through photography.  The close-up photos allow the visitor to imagine the point of view of the reptile … or its prey. This kind of image highlights the strength, evolution, or the presence of these animals.  Conversely, broad plans allow us to imagine the world, the environment in which they operate. These photos will show us the other side of the scene, make us realize the way of life in these lands, the vulnerability of everything that lives there. Because of that, you can go from a picture where you think that the subject is scary, that he has a hard look, that he comes from another time, ... another photo of the same species where we are, this time, touched by its fragility facing its environment.


Reptiles : mieux les comprendre pour mieux les photographier

Reptiles : mieux les comprendre pour mieux les photographier

  Author : Dylan Bouchet
  Publisher : Nat'Images N°62
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