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[:fr]Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature[:]


Montier Photo Festival

Bastien RIU


  Bastien is passionate about art and wildlife, since his childhood. Curious and always in search of various means of expression, he will then be interested in différents supports of plastic arts, such as sculpture and painting. He later joined a school of applied arts in Lyon. It was there that he discovered photography, which was for him a revelation. And the desire to develop his photographic work is too strong. He leaves his studies to devote himself entirely to this new way of expression and becomes professional in 2012. Nature inspires him In his work, Bastien wants us to discover, or rediscover, this local fauna and flora, these common and familiar animals. Through his own sensibility and with the help of various photographic techniques (background colors, double exposure, flashs), he tries to highlight and to sublimate them, taking care to have a minimal impact on the wildlife. His images combine poetry, graphics and minimalism, and put the subject at the heart of the image.



The exhibition plays with the complementary of the colors, this sought-after hot cold tries to offer the reader, a stimulation of his senses by the color, invites him to dream and seeks to propose to him a joyous vision, positive and sensitive on this Fauna and Flora that surrounds it. An invitation to rediscover our biodiversity through the creative prism far away from any descriptive approach. My desire is, on the contrary, to get away from it by trying to dissolve the landmarks, floors, range measurements, by different photographic techniques with a desire not to make photomontages. This aggregate wishes to invite to focus on our sensations, personal emotions and thus to tell our own story, through the project.

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