Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  Philosopher by training and photographer at heart, I fell in love with nature from an early age. When I was 25, I kept asking myself about the meaning of things, making art a kind of response to these questions. My inspiration comes at the crossroads of feelings and emotions lived in contact with the wild. Every detail of light, texture, color has its importance in my pictures. Little by little, I ended up fascinating myself for the romantic period, at the alleys of the museums then over the pages of Châteaubriand or even lines of Lamartine. I have both the impression of finding myself in this period, regularly looking for solitude in order to flee the angers of society, and both the conviction that a neoromance could give answers to the great questions of our century, especially on the increasingly place left to nature. Romantic people were the first to consider nature as a subject in its own right. Perhaps today, more than ever, we need to make it a paradigm... Now I continue to walk the suspended lands of Haute-Savoie, always in search of answers to my questions but also of the authentic link to nature. Since January 2020, my pictures have been exhibited at the Harmattan Art Gallery in Megève (74).



Romantics have dedicated their lives to catching all that was most elusive in nature. Artists tried to describe the inexpressible vision of beauty. The poets got intoxicated with lyricism to capture the emotions by the wild. The painters were the divine messengers of the invincible power that terrified them so. Today, nature is no longer a sacred divinity. We don't feel the echo it gives us. We refuse to listen to its whisper, to «communicate» with it. This lost link, I wished to highlight it through the fragments of time that make up my pictures. In my ambition to reconcile romance, photography and philosophy, I invite the public to consider his relationship to nature, to himself, in order to lead it to the basics.

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