[:fr]Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature[:]


Montier Photo Festival




  For more than 7 years now, Campinambulle has been offering removable in-vehicle equipments that allow you to cook, eat and sleep inside. Father to son cabinetmaker for three generations, the MATEOS-GUILLON family is working to perpetuate traditional know-how: woodworking. The range of Campinambulle is also evolving. The range of accessories has been greatly expanded, while remaining faithful to the requirements of the company: each product is systematically tested in full size, before joining the catalog. Above all, thanks to the experience accumulated during these seven years of existence, Campinambulle went into the development of vans , with thermal insulation and wrapping, liftable roof, autonomous heating, auxiliary battery, swivel seat, ventilation, etc. Campinambulle offers complete and especially removable fittings, for any type of vehicle, without change of registration.


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