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Montier Photo Festival

Catherine et Rémy MARION


Catherine Marion agreed with the idea of travelling in the polar regions right from the start. During these 30 years of voyaging, she has been fascinated by the immense, deserted landscapes, and especially the ice. Photographing the flora and fauna of the polar regions is a shared passion, whether as a family or sometimes alone. Back from her travels, book projects are conceived and realised, the draft comes alive. Since this publishing work, Catherine Marion has been involved in new video projects, in the polar regions once again, and also in other new creative adventures, from Baccarat workshops to Nature festivals, together with locally based ecological building projects.

Rémy Marion has been roaming the polar regions for some thirty years. Attracted like a magnet by the light conditions of the highest latitudes, he has never stopped hunting them down. From Baffin Island to the Ross Sea, from Siberia to the Falklands, penguins, whales and polar bears are his favourite species. Rémy combines the activities of nature guide, photographer, technical advisor (Claude Lelouch,Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nicolas Hulot) and public speaker. Author of some twenty books on Marine Mammals, the Northern Lights and Ice, he specialises in the observation of the Polar Bear, as demonstrated by his latest works. With the Polar Bear under threat from rapid climate changes in the Arctic, Rémy is orienting his activities towards the production of videos, exhibitions and talks to inform about and bear witness to the realities of the issues affecting this emblematic species. Already technical advisor and guest traveller for many documentaries (Ushuaia Nature on two occasions), it was natural for him to move behind the movie camera, filming polar bears in all seasons, together with brown bears and the other key arctic and subarctic wildlife.



The first impression that strikes the polar traveller is undoubtedly the immensity of the icescapes. The variety of shapes and colours is a continuous source of wonderment. Then, little-by-little, the wildlife reveals itself, in particular bears, the central theme of this exhibition. From the Polar Bear, lord of the ice packs, to the Kermode Bear, still a wild spirit today for the indigenous peoples of the area, Catherine and Rémy Marion invite you to meet the emblematic wildlife of the Great North, to meet a natural world that is having its certainties shaken up by human activities. In this collision between wilderness and the inexorable advance of human activities, the polar and subpolar regions are at the forefront of major upheavals that are gathering speed. In the hope that these images help you to learn more about them and become more involved in preserving them.

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