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  The A.R.B.R.E.S association is an association that aims to improve the protection of trees in France. To do this, the association awards "Remarkable Trees" labels to owners and municipalities that have an extraordinary tree, either for its longevity, its size, its shape or its cultural importance. Thanks to this approach, the association raises awareness about the importance of trees, both for biodiversity and the fight against global warming and also for the emotions they provide. For more information, please visit www.arbres.org  




L'Arbre dans tous ses états

L'Arbre dans tous ses états

  Author : Georges Feterman
  Publisher : Delachaux et Niestlé
Les Arbres Remarquables, un patrimoine à protéger

Les Arbres Remarquables, un patrimoine à protéger

  Author : Georges Feterman, Jean-Pierre Duval et Caroline Breton
  Publisher : Muséo Film
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