Montier Photo Festival


Ventoux… renaissances sauvages


  It’s in my native Provence, in Sault, a small village at the foot of Mont Ventoux, that I take the opportunity of wide spacies. For 3 years, I started as a photographer. I opened my picture gallery on Sault: «La Galerie du Ventoux». Le Ventoux offers us the playground, I aspire to share, with enthusiasts like I am, the emotions of animal encounters. I just spent two years approaching the privacy of a pack of wild wolves in the Ventoux. This adventure took me far beyond what I imagined... Immersed in this wild nature in the heart of the Ventoux, cubs are born and are growing. I am looking forward to meeting their mythical predator eye and over time I am going to see them grow ... But what is their impact on local wildlife, disappearance or adaptation? The wolves made me grow too, and I realize today the incredible adventure that I lived by their side, that the photos that I realized without any artifice are not at all an end or an end in itself, but on the contrary, a beginning... The beginning of a way, a inquiry, a naturalistic and philosophical quest that will lead me even closer to the mysteries of the wild world. [caption id="attachment_24800" align="alignnone" width="300"] Le louveteau et le papillon. - Nicolas UGHETTO[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24803" align="alignnone" width="300"] Bonheur intense. Je me sens comme lui appartenir organiquement à cette terre à ce Ventoux... - Nicolas UGHETTO[/caption]


   Samedi 20 novembre 2021



At a time when the mountain is awarded, by men, the label of Regional Natural Park, will their cohabitation with the wolf be possible? This film tells the story of the wild revival in the Ventoux, through the eyes of a wildlife photographer. It is a window into the local wild world of Mont Ventoux.

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