Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival

Jean-Philippe et Leopold BOUVERET


  Two pairs of eyes, a common passion with the same dream : share the beauty of nature, so fragile, that surrounds us and disappears day after day. Through our photos we hope to bear witness to the precious moments that the wilderness can offer us. To offer a glimpse without revealing it all. Each trip is an opportunity to confront the vastness of elements, to immerse yourself in the living world, and to remind ourselves that we, humans, belong to this natural world. Our heads are full of crazy projects and dreams of new encounters. Most may not come true, but it does not matter, it is not about the destination, but all about the journey.



The White Hare photography was shot in the Cairngorms mountain range. It depicts an immersion in the Scottish winter, a simple life in the wilderness, with a tent as one’s sole protector. All of a sudden, a furtive encounter with these hares, leaving their footprints on the fresh snow. White hares in a white immensity, virgin and pure.