Montier Photo Festival


Jean-Pierre TURMO


  WORLD PHOTOGRAPHER With more than 50 countries visited, I am a traveling photographer, always curious to discover ethnic diversity and the beauty of nature. Conquering the impossible, I like to go where no one goes and discover landscapes from the origins of humanity. My artistic approach is simple, a hymn to the beauty of nature. It is to capture the decisive moment in a beautiful light, by being in contact with the roots of life and the unconscious. I like to bring poetry to everything around me, and share with you the pleasure of the magic moment.



A PURE WORLD On the lookout for the beauty of the world, I present to you today two white paradises. In one, the penguin can fly among clouds, hesitate to dive into an abyss of ice, or hold its head in the air in connection with another planet. In the other, the polar bear can roam an ocean of gold, or levitate above the ice. Welcome to my world.

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