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  I have been passionate about macro photography since my beginning, with a preference for butterflies, dragonflies, and insects. An amazing way to discover the "tiny" world around us, which still surprises and fascinates me. I evolved towards wildlife photography in 2000, thanks to a passionate friend. We quickly developed a "Nature Workshop" and transmitted this "Nice Virus" to about twenty photographers. I am not a loner, but wildlife photography is an excellent excuse to be often alone, sometimes with the chance to have real contact with the animal I meet, face to face, eyes in the eyes, which tolerates me in its space. It has no price ! For the photographer that I am, my greatest pleasure is to see and enjoy all these moments, to enjoy them as long as possible, and if the conditions allow it, to achieve a beautiful picture. In 2015 I published my 1st book: "Rencontre Animalières", which I promoted and sold by taking part in numerous nature and wildlife photo exhibitions During my photographic outings, I observe the degradation of biodiversity, and the situation is terrible. My view and my convictions have changed, and I present my photos, but not only. I am trying to convey a message to the public about the beauty of the Nature, the vital need to preserve biodiversity, the urgency to act and the dangers of our civilization which is so destructive of our environment. Today, it seems essential to me to make a contribution, however small, to the defence of our life support system, the Earth.



Today, all life on Earth depends on humans and their goodwill. Why is it so ? Is this the only truth, the only reality, the only possible vision of our world? I don’t think so. I want to take a different look at the world we live in. I imagined myself in the place of the animals, in the shooting situation of my photos, and I said to myself: - what do they see ? What do they perceive ? How do they feel ? Are they afraid ? - How do they see their surroundings? Hostile, welcoming, huge, small, etc ? So many questions without answers, so I imagined them based on the situations experienced in the field. - A channel can sign the death warrant of an animal trying to cross it. - A simple flower may be the greatest joy for foragers ? - A predator’s view of the world is very different from that of its ever-watchful prey. There are many possible visions and realities of our world. The "Whirlwind" serie, which continues to be enriched every day, is the embodiment of this approach, with an aesthetic, colorful, funny and tragic side, showing several aspects of the animals life in a reality other than that seen by humans. My artistic interpretation of this vision must enchant the senses and show the beauties and the dangers that surround us. A text accompanies certain photos in order to enlighten the visitor on the content of the image and sometimes the tragedy that can be played out before our eyes without knowing it.


Rencontres Animalières

Rencontres Animalières

  Author : Patrick Antzamidakis
  Publisher : Editions du Jeu de l'Oie
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