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Association Francis Hallé pour la forêt primaire


  The ambition of the Francis Hallé Association is to re-introduce a large scale primary forest in Western Europe. We want to allow the development of an old-growth forest, that is to say, a large area in which nature can “re-wild”, grow and develop its flora and fauna in an autonomous way without human intervention. Our objective is to accomplish this in Western Europe starting in France. Our mission will be to create the appropriate scientific, legal, and technical conditions that will allow us to constitute a European primary forest. Primary forests are being plundered in the tropics. They have almost disappeared from Europe. France has no primary forests left since 1850. The Francis Hallé Association harbors these objectives and remains open to all persons sharing our concern with the environment and those wanting to help us realize these objectives.




Manifeste pour une forêt primaire en Europe de l'Ouest

Manifeste pour une forêt primaire en Europe de l'Ouest

  Author : Francis Hallé
  Publisher : ACTES SUD
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