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  Passionate about the great outdoors and the horse world, I've been splitting for almost 10 years my time between the marshes of Camargue and the steppes of Patagonia. Attracted by rider peoples, I also travel in Mongolia, especially on horseback. In 2006, I created "Aguila Voyages Photo", the first travel agency in France specialized in workshop and photographic travel, which I co-directed during 12 years. I am now settled at the gates of Camargue. I criss-cross all year its paths, the edge of its marshes and pine forests, photographing over the seasons the changes in the landscape, the local traditions and of course its wild horses! I propose throughout the year to welcome you for total immersion workshops.



A legend tells that the first Camargue horse is a gift from Neptune made to the inhabitants of the delta, to help them compete against the big black bull. Neptune had the men promise to leave it, as much as possible, gallop in the waves and breathe the sea winds. This is why I propose to you, all the year, to come to photograph the free Camargue horses in the marshes, manes in the wind and galloping in water! A beautiful experience to live during 3 hours photo workshops or photo workshops over several days for a complete immersion in the Camargue. We also photograph the landscapes, the flamingos, egrets, herons, stilts and bulls in freedom led by guardians on horseback!


Camargue, un pays à part

Camargue, un pays à part

  Author : Cécile Domens
  Publisher : Glénat
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