Montier Photo Festival


Fabrice AUDIER


  Originally from Nevers, Fabrice Audier is an atypical and secret amateur photographer. The paternal initiation, the council of Elders met at the Ciné photo Club Nivernais of which he is a member until 2004, and his own life experience have pushed him towards a fascination with nature that he tries to magnify and share through his intimate, even minimalist images. With one foot underground and the other on the surface, his photographs do not stop only with caving, entomological or ornithological testimonies, but meet more aesthetic and graphic criteria dictated by his solitary contemplations and his emotions at the time of the shots. His images are regularly published, exhibited and awarded in international exhibitions and festivals such as Montier en Der, Namur, Le festival de l'oiseau en baie de Somme… His last outdoor exhibition, «Le temps de l'instant», from June to October 2021, was held in the gardens of the Musée de la Faïence et des Beaux-Arts de Nevers.



It was on my garden terrace, quietly, busy trying as best as I could to capture the light of the transparency of the shadows of snails moving on the leaves of hostas that I thought to myself: «Why travel far away». The «wild» is within reach of your slippers. The project is there, 2 m from my front door, garden side. These gastropods will be my main theme for this exhibition of this small fauna of proximity, as close as possible to my home. No photo traps, no drone, no carbon impact, I’ll just have to deplore the wear and tear of my plastic hooves… I retained twenty images, the result of silent wanderings and research, with my nose in the wind in my little natural space, a true haven of peace, that is my garden. This selection is also a respectful nod to these fragile, discreet beings that are so useful to our daily lives. All the images have been made over the seasons, both on my terrace and on the edge of a window, in the lawn or simply in the vegetable garden.