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Covid, chauves-souris et déforestation, Tanguy Stoeckle - Francois Moutou - Antoine Gessain / animé par Rémy MARION


  François MOUTOU - Retired veterinarian, member of the JNE, engaged in most of the fights for nature for several decades, mammals in particular - he is honorary president of the SFEPM -, François MOUTOU, is one of the figures of the ecological landscape. His journey to zoology, veterinary science and epidemiology was made without any family history. Most of the professional career took place at Maisons-Alfort, in what became l'Anses ( He has written several reference works. He regularly intervenes through his expertise, in the field and in conferences. Tanguy STOECKLE, professional photographer and filmmaker, lecturer on bats. Tanguy has been exploring nature since he was a child. In 1992, aged 20 and assistant filmmaker, he discovered the world of bats. It’s a revelation. To the point that his passion for nature quickly specialized and that he devoted all his time to photography and the study of these winged mammals. Antoine GESSAIN Head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Director of the unit «Epidemiology and Physiopathology of oncogenic viruses».


   Dimanche 21 novembre 2021



This is now largely confirmed, bats have certainly been the vector of Covid-19 transmission. This is not the first pandemic, for which they are implicated, but this phenomenon is worsening with deforestation and greater proximity to human populations.

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