Montier Photo Festival




  I am lucky enough to have grown up in the Haute Savoie, near the mountains and beautiful forests. So I have always enjoyed walking in the woods, mountains, fields and wetlands. When I received my first camera on my birthday, I quickly wanted to take pictures first of the landscapes, then of the animals I saw during my walks. One thing led to another, and beautiful encounters became photos. Badgers and lynx are the animals for which I spent the most time walking in the woods and fields, making stalks and spending nights outside. I love the quiet that gradually comes during the evenings of vigil, the sounds that fade away, and the sounds of the night that replace those of humans. We are no longer sure of what we see, hearing replaces sight, and the moon becomes our ally. What a pleasure it is to spend these moments away from everything, with the wild animals...



Most mammals are nocturnal. Evening, morning and night are their times, and it is at these times that they may be spotted. The late afternoon always has a special flavour, when you settle into your sleeping bag. The sounds of humans are dying down, the birds are falling asleep one after the other and the light is fading... If you still haven't seen anything, you'll hope that the moon will shine long enough to have the chance to see a fox, a boar or an owl. In the dark, the shadows of the trees will contrast faintly with the yellowish spots of the moon, and everything will appear to be fur, movement or the passage of an animal. At the end of the night, the cold will wake you up, and if the animals have still not shown up, perhaps you have at least dreamt them?

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