Montier Photo Festival


Laurent FIOL


  French professional photographer living in the Burgundy region (Dijon). I am from the south of France, more precisely: Alès. My photos are taken most often in these two departments : the Côte d'Or and the Gard. Photography allowed me to discover this beautiful region that is Burgundy. I am particularly interested in macro-photography. My style is very oriented towards a rather sober graphics that highlights the lights and intervene from the shooting by modifying the colors, the atmospheres. My technique is simple, my photos are all made with only as material a reflex camera and a lens. The post-processing is almost zero, it just regulates the contrast and the basic settings.



Macro proxy photographs exclusively at night! as far as I know, this type of photo work and exhibition is unprecedented. Other photographers have already made night photos without presenting such a wide range of subjects (flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, odonates, praying mantis, coneheads mantis, mayflies, Libelloides, spider). At night, our perceptions change, we are more attentive to the silence of the forest than only the hooting of the owl or the barking of the deer break. At night, the colors determined by leds lights explode on a black background. At night, the insects enter a lethargy that offers an immobility that I must seize. Time doesn’t matter, the night is mine.


(pour les ) Amoureux du Petit Monde

(pour les ) Amoureux du Petit Monde

  Author : Laurent FIOL
  Publisher : autoédition