Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival



  I am a 16 year old wildlife photographer living in the Ardeche. My passion for the flora and fauna of my region started as I was very young. At the age of 12 I received my first camera and my passion for photography began. At first I was interested in the small animals living around me, butterflies, praying mantises, frogs. Today, it is mainly animal photography that attracts me : I am fascinated by the dipper, the black woodpecker, the wallcreeper, the tiny and pigmy owls, the fox... I attach great importance to not disturbing the animals that I photograph, I always try to be as discreet as possible so that the animals do not see me. Most of my photos are taken within a few minutes of my home, as I want to limit the impact of my travel on the environment. Several have won awards in international competitions and one of them was selected in 2021 as one of the "100 most beautiful nature photos" by the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.



Perhaps because I dream of travelling to the far north, I particularly like cold photographic atmospheres, those I encounter in winter on the plateau when the snow covers the landscape with its white coat, when I explore the gorges of steep streams, or when I am in a hide in the heart of old forests on shady slopes. The colours are then softer, more nuanced, with subtle gradations of blues, whites and greys. Nature reveals itself to our eyes in a delicate and refined way, the images offer more space for contemplation and imagination. In my exhibition "Wild encounters in blue, white and grey", only a few small touches of bright colours are discreetly added by the wings of the wall-creeper, the ocelli of the apollo butterfly or the head of the black woodpecker.