Montier Photo Festival


Robert FORTE


  After a serious traffic accident, I had to give another meaning to my life ; mountain enthusiast I chose nature photography. I travel the Alps from south to north, where earth and sky meet, sometimes in the azure, sometimes in the clouds. It is in these moments that my gaze will found, the unimaginable , the incredible, stunning beauty of the places. On foot, skiing always equipped with my camera and its lenses, I camp to be at dawn in a place that will make us think, in the photos, of the creation of the world... I sympathize with the aboriginal people to better learn about the different and unique situations in these territories. I make sure that we have chills in the face of these atmospheres that nature offers us . We quickly get attached to this nature, and for my part, I always take a great pleasure in photographing it. That’s why I want you to take as much pleasure in watching these images as my eye and lens have chosen and immortalized.



I have been working on this exhibition from the south to the north of the Alps for 15 years. The aim is to photograph wildlife and wild landscapes . Most wildlife photos are birds. This exhibition consists of 11 photos 4 landscape photos and 7 wildlife photos . The size of these photos are 60/80 landscapes and 50/70 wildlife and all the photos are framed with American box