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  WILIPI Wild Life Pictures WILIPI is an association law of 1901. The name of the association is only a summary of the goals of WILIPI: WIld LIfe PIctures. The members of WILIPI produce photographs of wild animals taken in their natural environment and with respect for their life and their activities. WILIPI members are not limited to the pleasure of photographing and an aesthetic purpose. They also wish to contribute through their photos, in their modest measure, to the preservation of these animals, in freedom and in the best possible natural living conditions. The rules of procedure impose on all its members a code of ethics stipulating that the shooting of wild and free animals must be carried out under conditions that do not jeopardize their well-being, their respect and their conservation. This code of ethics applies both to the operation of the site and the association (criticisms, comments and advice) and to the rules of respect for the subjects photographed and their environment. Website:



WILIPI PLANET The world across the 5 continents Beauty and diversity of wildlife The WILIPI association wishes to illustrate the diversity and beauty of the animal world of the five continents thanks to the photographs published by its members. The images of WILIPI members are intended to be shown to as many people as possible in order to contribute, always in their modest measure, to the cause of wildlife. WILIPI wants to exalt animal biodiversity in all its wild and free beauty. For this, the members of WILIPI offer the most beautiful and informative images possible. They also renounce all tricks, traps, tricks and behaviors that could harm their subjects, even exceptionally, and refrain from all potentially harmful practices, such as taking pictures at the nest.

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