Montier Festival Photo - Concours 2016 - Autres animaux sauvages de pleine nature


Montier Photo Festival


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  PHOTOGRAPHERS FIGHT ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE An international group of photographers have joined forces to use their powerful and iconic images to help bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime. They draw attention to this deadly subject with a truly unique book, simply called PHOTOGRAPHERS AGAINST WILDLIFE CRIME. The book includes images by some of the world’s most celebrated wildlife photographers and photojournalists. The group of 23 photographers believes this unparalleled collection of images and stories can raise awareness globally and reduce the demand for wildlife products.  Photographers Against Wildlife Crime also celebrates the heroes who save and protect the victims of the illegal wildlife trade and fight to preserve our wild spaces. With an estimated value of $20 billion, the illegal wildlife trade is the fourth most lucrative global crime after drugs, humans and arms*. “The greed continues today with no regard for the health of the planet we call home,” says former Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Michael Nichols. Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™ Adrian Steirn • Adam Oswell • Brent Stirton • Brian Skerry • Britta Jaschinski • Bruno D’Amicis • Charlie Hamilton James • Chris Packham • Daniel Beltra • Jim Brandenburg • Jo-Anne McArthur • Karl Ammann • Klaus Nigge • Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols • Neil Aldridge • Ole J Liodden • Patrick Brown • Paul Hilton • Peter Chadwick • Steve Winter • Sudhir Shivaram • Tony Wu • Zheng Xiaoqun • Writer: Keith Wilson


We are losing species at an alarming rate. Millions of animals and plants are caught and harvested from the wild and sold as food, pets, tourist curios, trophies and traditional Chinese medicine. Our wildlife is wiped out in the name of status, greed and superstition. We are reaching out to the consumers of wildlife products with a unique collection of images to help bring an end to this ruthless and destructive trade. We know that photography can be powerful tool. And by joining forces we happen to have a unique collection of the most beautiful, sometimes hart-hitting but always inspiring images by dedicated photographers. Our images are the proof that photography matters. Without photography the world’s conscience will wither.

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