Montier Photo Festival


Parc national de forêts



  Philippe Puydarrieux is the Director of the Parc National de forêts.


   Jeudi 17 novembre 2022

   11h00 - 12h30


«The Parc National de Forêts : laboratory of the Anthropocene forests » The anthropocene is a period marked by the climate crisis and the decline of the biodiversity. It is in this context of global environmental crises that the Parc national de Forêts was created in 2019, the most recent of the eleven French National Parks. This nature monument is dedicated to the protection of hardwood forests. Three years after its creation, guidance is given to better understand and protect these forests. A true laboratory, the Parc National de Forêts is a study ground on the resilience and future of forests in the age of anthropocene.