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  Jim Brandenburg, coming from Minnesota (USA), began a musical career, when he was teenager, playing with musicians like Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers. He quickly turned to photography because of his love for the natural world. After working for newspapers, he began his career at National Geographic filming the programm "Strange Creatures of the Night" in 1973. He filmed and produced the documentary White Wolf, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1986. Throughout his career, Jim Brandenburg has photographed and written numerous articles for National Geographic magazine as a contract photographer. In 2003 for the first time in its history, the magazine published his report "Boundary Waters" entirely in digital photography. Then in 2016, he published the article "93 Spring Days" containing the largest number of photographs (93) ever published by the magazine. His best-selling books include Brother Wolf, White Wolf, Chased by the Light, and Looking for the Summer. Limited prints are available in auction houses and on Jim Brandenburg also shot the daily videos for the web-documentary series Nature365, visible on His greatest pride is having preserved forever, thanks to the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation, 5 km² of original prairie (Touch the Sky Prairie) from his childhood landscape and the boreal forest around his home in the Ravenwood Forest.



Photographer Jim Brandenburg, after travelling for more than 30 years for National Geographic, decided this time to present his films and find his sources, in Minnesota, behind him at home. Several films will be screened continuously. First of all, the best moments of “Nature 365”: initiated and produced by Laurent Joffrion/FollowFocus and Jim Brandenburg, “Nature 365” is a web documentary program that broadcasts a one-minute daily nature video, from January 1 to December 31. An audiovisual calendar offering a naturalistic and poetic vision of the biotopes of the North American hemisphere. Jim will also present a 16-minute film “Images of Home”, “Images of Home”, from the great prairies to the northern boreal forests to the shores of Lake Superior. "Images of Home" is an immersive experience that will make you discover the rarely seen interactions of iconic Minnesota creatures, bison, grey wolves, loons, great ravens and many others, throughout the season cycle. And Jim may have more surprises in store for us.


The Awakening - 93 Days of Spring

The Awakening - 93 Days of Spring

  Author : Jim Brandenburg
  Publisher : National Geographic
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