Montier Photo Festival




  Wildlife photographer for 4 years, Boun Cang quickly became passionate about birds by trying to reveal their beauty in their natural environment. Living in the Ain department, more precisely in the Dombes, a region inventoried as ZICO (Important area for the conservation of birds), he finds a large variety of migratory birds as well as its numerous ponds to be at the heart of a theater of unique shows. In 2020, he made his first trip to Kenya where he discovered African fauna and flora for the first time. In the Masai Mara, the immensity of this natural wealth causes him a sudden need to bear witness to this wild, majestic and brittle nature. It's decided, he has to touch people's hearts as much as possible so that they too have the desire to preserve it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... This saying Boun will never forget it.



Colors are one of the main characteristics that determine the beauty of a bird, but for some species, they can be forgotten, such as the house sparrows for example, a very common passerine that we do not even notice around us anymore. And yet, all passerines can reveal another form of beauty, invisible to the naked eye, so wings and beaks collide and intertwine. A beauty that requires stopping time for a second to freeze two actors in a spectacular duality. In this exhibition I am pleased to offer you a theater, more precisely an aerial ballet, a real dance mixing violence and complementarity. Believe me, soon you won't see these birds the same way.

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