Montier Photo Festival





  Hello everyone ! Samuel Guermonprez, 37 years old, based in the Hauts de France, self-taught photographer for about ten years and specialized in macro photography for a little over 5 years, I love spending time immersed in nature, researching, observing, photographing insects and spiders.



My exhibition "Les invisibles" consists of 20 photos on alu-dibond in 60x40 format taken in Hauts de France and Aquitaine. I like to reveal through my shots, the beauty and the details of this little people sometimes misunderstood and that we do not notice if we do not pay attention to them. Through my photos, I like to raise awareness of the essential side of these beings for biodiversity, the proximity to my subjects sometimes gives the impression of entering into their intimacy. All the photographic shots are taken "in situ".

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