Montier Photo Festival


Association O.S.E.!

  Created in 2008, the O.S.E ! association aims to raise awareness of the environment by various means, including photography, among a wide public. The O.S.E. ! association has been running a project called “L’Envol des Géants” since 2015. It consists in making discover and sensitize a wide public to the preservation of four species of vultures present in France via a travelling exhibition of photographs, educational tools and times of exchange with a varied public. The photographs that make up the exhibition we are presenting today were made by the professional wildlife photographer Fabien Dubessy. He regularly exhibits his work in France but also in Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. His photographs have won numerous awards in French and international competitions. His artistic approach is based on a desire to show a close and diversified nature highlighted by the search for beauty and aesthetics. Without computer retouching, his images explore the field of possibilities offered by photography.



L'Envol des Géants is the result of a report on the four species of vultures present in France: Griffon Vulture, Cinereous Vulture, Bearded Vulture and Egyptian Percnoptera. The idea was born from a simple concept; many people do not know that there are vultures in France. Symbol of bad omen, long persecuted, vultures today suffer from disinformation. Because it is necessary, above all, to know in order to have the desire to protect, L'Envol des Géants is there to sensitize a large public, if only to their presence in France. But also to their exciting history, their way of life and the bonds they have with each other and with Human. Thus, raising awareness is about tackling the source of the problem. This series of photographs magnifies these birds that few carry in their hearts and yet so important in our ecosystems.

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