Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival

Corentin MARTINE


  A 42-year-old photographer, I came to photography about fifteen years ago. Over time, while I was mainly documenting my daily life, practice and experiences allowed me to realize the range of this medium. Photographing cityscapes, landscapes, nature, at nighttime... I'm experimenting different fields, and during the last few years I went into Astrophotography.



Le Ciel vu de la Terre (The Sky seen from Earth) – Selection of Astrophotographic shots taken from my garden in Metz. At the sight of a starry sky we can't help but marvel, letting our mind wander and perhaps dream of unknown worlds. The sumptuousness of the visible sky hides many other treasures. Few are visible to the naked eye, because of the light pollution that surrounds us and of their very low brightness. Thanks to the techniques of astrophotography and a lot of patience and perseverance, I capture the images of some of these fabulous structures whose striking beauty is matched only by their dizzying immensity. My exhibition presents both galaxies and nebulae with evocative shapes: here a goddess, there a heart or even a rose.

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