Montier Photo Festival


Laurent ZAGNI


  Originally from Lorraine, nature guide in the Baie de Somme, Laurent Zagni is a humorous naturalist illustrator. Fascinated by the animal world and more particularly by birds, Laurent takes malicious pleasure in torturing them with his pencil strokes. In the field, Laurent spies on the wildlife in all indiscretion: he does not let nothing to pass from the wanderings of animals, savor the comical situation and transposes their intimacy on paper, abusing it without moderation. Laurent draws as he feels the world around him, with the same look imbued with fantasy, always sensitive, with a touch of insolence. But he takes care to keep a naturalistic rigor in the representation some change. His illustrations and his characters are born from his companions game: wooden pencil, Indian ink or watercolor, mix of genres...



Recognize birds differently, this is what this exhibition offers through cartoons. Ten large-format identification boards present numerous birds, pointing out the fantasies of each species with a pencil. These birds are grouped by family, aspect or behavior: corvids, dabbling ducks, tits, crested birds or even waders… are illustrated in Indian ink and watercolour. Here we can try to identify or observe a species by browsing these boards, but we can also and above all smile by the caricatures or put in comical situations of the winged people: humor and naturalistic rigor go hand in hand.

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