Montier Photo Festival


Elisabeth GAILLARD

  Native of the Reims region, I have always felt in harmony with nature. I llike the silence of the forest, feeling the humus, hearing the song of a bird, the mocking cry of the woodpecker, the rustling of the leaves under the caress of the wind, sneaking across a deer or wild boar, finally simply feeling the life that surrounds me. I like walking on limestone lawns where flowers and butterflies blossom, in bogs or on the edge of small ponds when dragonflies sparkle with dew. Passionate about botany and orchids in particular, I used photography as an identification tool. But over time, the image has subtly imposed itself on me as an essential concern, it has overshadowed my first naturalistic approach. Through the pastel tones of my photos, I try to make palpable the fragility of the flowers and their beauty; I would like to be able to make smell their perfume. I would have liked to know how to paint, to know how to write; photography is the only discipline that allows me to pass my emotions.



My field of exploration is essentially the Champagne-Ardenne region where I live. My good knowledge of the field allows me to find the species that I want to focus, without making too many kilometers and participating in the inventory of its riches. Highlighting the beauty of a flower or insect, offering it another dimension, in an atmosphere that leaves room for daydreaming and emotions is what matters to me. Poppies touch me especially by their evanescence, as do dragonflies and butterflies. I wish that my photos are a link between humans and nature, that the sweetness that emanates from it makes everyone want to protect it and that poppies are the symbol of the biodiversity of the fields


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