Montier Photo Festival


Flavien LUC



  Passionate about the mountain and the fauna it hosts, I like to blend into the landscape to observe and photograph scenes of wildlife, behaviors, attitudes, "moments" that we think we deserve by dint of of patience and determination. My ranger job in the Pyrenees National Park means that I have time to observe and get to know the animals I meet. And by dint of evolving in this mountain setting, it is quite naturally that I like to blend in, thus becoming an invisible spectator and photographing these always magnificent actors in this theater which is theirs. It was in 2018 that I took the step of "confidentiality", and that I was able to exhibit my photos at the Cauterets image festival (65), then in 2022 at the Louvards photo festival in Cessieu ( 38)



The bearded vulture quickly took me in its claws... First of all with its natural aesthetics, then by dint of knowing it, observing it, rubbing shoulders with it, it imposed itself as an essential subject. What emotion, when under the snow, in the blizzard, under the sun, in the fog, on a slender ridge or a plateau of altitude, in search of an ibex, a ptarmigan, a tichodrome, he isard or an isolated saxifrage, this necrophagous lord comes to present his very particular silhouette, as if to greet the guest that I am.