Montier Photo Festival


Sébastien BLOMME


  I have been practicing photography as an amateur since 2010. Born in 1981 in the North of France, I have since migrated to the South and more precisely to Toulouse where I discover with joy the diversity of the local flora and fauna. Through my photographs, I try to highlight my close environment in order to show it to as many people as possible and thus raise awareness on the beauties that are on our doorstep. I like to create dreamlike atmospheres by playing with my environment and with the light in order to magnify my subject. To do this, I take most of my photos at full aperture and against the light, playing on the foregrounds and backgrounds to obtain a rendering close to painting.



The pictures that compose this exhibition are printed in an ecological way on Washi paper (Japanese paper) produced in the South of France by two master papermakers, Benoit and Stéphanie. In order to present a coherence between the medium used and the image presented, this exhibition is called "Haïku" in reference to the Japanese short poems. It is composed of minimalist photos of insects observed in the immediate surroundings of the city of Toulouse. By using the light, the aperture of the lens and the blurring of the foreground, I tried to reproduce a rendering similar to Japanese prints. Each of the photos presented is accompanied by a text in the spirit of a Haiku.

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