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GDT - Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie (Société allemande de photographie de la nature)


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  The »Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie« As Europe’s most prominent association of nature photographers, we benefit from a strong international network and pooling of knowledge and experience for more than 50 years. Knowledge transfer, artistic demands Authenticity and the protection of Nature are at the core of our actions. Nature photography needs attitude. In a time of an overwhelming amount of random images, the GDT stands for nature photography with attitude. Our members live this approach in their images, in their striving for quality, in joint learning and the overall aim to constantly better themselves as both photographers and conservationists. GDT nationwide In autumn we host the International Nature Photography Festival in Lünen. Every year we offer a thrilling lecture programme made up by lecturers from all over the world, great exhibitions, seminars and workshops. The international air in accord with a familiar atmosphere draws several thousand visitors each year to the town on the river Lippe. Our competitions set the standard. While the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year is in effect the spearhead of artistic nature photography, the list of winners of our members’ competition regularly sports names that are yet unknown on the competition GDT Regional The GDT comes alive in the 16 regional groups across Germany. This is where our members regularly meet for excursions, lectures, review of images or hands-on conservation work. GDT Young Photographers Young photographers under 27 years of age are invited to join this extremely lively group of young photographers for meetings, photography trips, contacts across Germany and joint projects. Magazine Forum Naturfotografie Four times per year we publish our high-quality magazine with articles and reports by well-known nature photographers, competition results, international photo projects, member portfolios and much more. Subscription is a feature of membership.



The GDT (German Association for Nature Photography) demands and fosters nature photography that commits itself equally to authenticity, uncondi-tional nature conservation and artistic quality. On this ground the GDT hosts the renowned competition "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year"(EWPY). From around 18.000 entries every year, an international jury selects the ten best images in nine categories as well as the winners of the "Fritz Pölking Prize". This year, for the first time and for an initial period of three years, the "Rewilding Europe Award" was announced in cooperation with "Rewilding Europe". All winning images are presented in this exhibition. The awarded images reflect all aspects of modern nature and wildlife photography and represent the huge variety of photographic topics in this specific field. Showcasing the exceptional quality and specific style of European nature photography and raising awareness for the concept of nature conservation through the means of photography are everlasting aims of our competitions. It goes without saying that ethical standards and non-manipulated images are a core value. No doubt, the backbone of this competition’s success is the regular participation of the most renowned nature photographers from all over Europe. Frequently, new subjects awarded in this competition triggered new trends or helped to establish new styles. Just as often, some of the award winning images lead to intense debates among nature photographers – a clear indication for the juries‘ courage to abandon established routes and create space for something new. Patron of the competition is Sabine Riewenherm, president of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN).