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Montier Photo Festival



  Parenthèse Nature is the idea of ​​three photographers, Olivier Henrion, Rachel Marchal-Kany and Rahima Hadid-Gounant. They all share the same vision: that of a nature that constantly amazes them and that they want to preserve for themselves and their children. And they are convinced that the image is a wonderful vehicle for raising awareness of this cause. Through their photographs, they collectively strive to enhance their natural and landscape heritage as best as possible in an awareness-raising approach, but while bearing witness to its beauty, its fragility and the absolute need to protect it in the face of environmental issues. . With Parenthèse Nature, they want to share their passion: photography in the service of nature protection.



Raising awareness and arousing, among as many people as possible, the desire to act in favor of the environment and Nature, such is the DNA of the Parenthèse Nature Festival. For us, photography is undoubtedly one of the best vectors. Universal and authentic, it has no borders, it is worth a thousand words, it initiates the gaze of some and inspires that of others, it leads to wonder and leads us to respect, in short, it touches the heart. Through the power of the image, raising awareness and encouraging action becomes possible. We believe in it! From this conviction of being able to “Do useful work” was born this MAD project: the festival. Photographs to raise awareness and encourage action in favor of the environment and nature. The Grand-Est has a vast diversity of natural environments and landscapes. This common heritage, sheltering an important faunal and floristic richness, is threatened today. The effects of climate change, but also of our lifestyles, production, travel and consumption are becoming tangible. More than 1,300 species are on the red lists! We need to act, ASAP! Biodiversity is threatened all over the planet, as in the Grand-Est! The region's emblematic species are regularly disappearing and will disappear in the coming years. What means do we have to accelerate collective awareness and to move those who do not believe in it, those who resign themselves, or those who do not feel concerned? Photography is undoubtedly one of the best vectors for Parenthèse Nature


Parenthèse Nature - le Grand Est

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