Montier Photo Festival


Jean-Michel LENOIR


  The origin of my passion for photography is based on my connection with nature, in its most beautiful and pristine aspect. After photographing wildlife and the great outdoors, I gradually developed my way of perceiving and feeling things. Time spent with nature can seem like a quest for powerful atmospheres where the light and the search for beauty are points of reference and aesthetic markers. This photographic intention is fuelled by my inclination for vast landscapes associated with a search for exceptional light which I like to enhance – a path that fuels my instinct for freedom. Combining my passion for pictures with rugged landscapes, from the north of Europe to South America, my photographic world leads me into areas of wilderness from where I draw my main source of inspiration.



Like a mirror reflecting my emotions, Elements plunges the viewer into an organic dreamscape that is constantly shifting, producing light and ambiance at times serene, at times dramatic. Where lines and colours in their purest forms take us back to the origins of wonder. From the peaceful pastels of Scottish shores to spellbinding Scandinavian fjords, wherever the elements are at play, nature is transformed, unveiling her limpid beauty. In those fleeting instants I reach my highest consciousness and am humbled; time stands still: I am overpowered by the here and now. (Re)connecting with my natural surroundings, I am not merely a spectator, I am fully alive in the moment. A sunbeam shimmering over the sea, a mountaintop breaching the clouds, a blaze of light spearing the horizon like a ray of hope, gusts of wind wrangling the waves: these simple yet captivating images are my inspiration. My gaze seeks the infinite along the horizon, that line where my past and future dreams lie. In these instants suspended between fantasy and reality, I ponder, watch and wait for the moment that makes me feel utterly alive. Martine Franck said it so well: “I’ve always photographed landscapes, for pleasure, out of need.” She encouraged landscape photographers to first spend some time reflecting, stretching their minds, before taking a shot. She likened facing a new and unfamiliar place to an exercise in visual meditation.



Montier Photo Festival

  Author : Jean-Michel LENOIR
  Publisher : Jean-Michel LENOIR


  Author : Jean-Michel Lenoir
  Publisher : Ramsay
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