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  I took up nature photography again thanks to my partner Annick, a few years ago. Being a scientist by training, at first my approach was rather naturalistic. However, over the years, I began to integrate a more creative and aesthetic vision into my images, initially with a predilection for macro photography. But, the long and rigorous winters of Lorraine pond, I undertook to photograph the many waders, passerines and birds of prey present in our region and beyond. Then, during my tourist and professional trips, I had the opportunity to encounter species that were more difficult to approach, such as the black bear in Quebec and the brown bear in Slovenia. Currently I am trying to raise public awareness on the loss of biodiversity and in particular on the collapse of passerine populations in our regions, the subject of one of my last exhibitions with my wife. Amateur photographers, I present (often with my wife Annick GAUTHIER) photo exhibitions in the Grand-Est but also in the surrounding area.



It will have taken hours of walking and hide, often in cold weather or in stifling heat, and 3 trips to Quebec to bring together this collection of photos of woodpeckers. Woodpeckers are tireless borers: in addition to digging a new nest in a tree trunk or a stump every year, they constantly hammer bark and wood with their beaks to find the insects they feed. The Picidae family has more than 200 species distributed almost everywhere on the planet and 6 species of woodpeckers frequent our forests. Alongside common species such as the great spotted woodpecker, spotted woodpecker and green woodpecker, there are the discreet black and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and the rare Grey-headed woodpecker. We could add to this list the Eurasian Three-toed woodpecker which is only present in France in a few mountain forests. Quebec is not left out since 9 woodpeckers nest in the beautiful province such as the northern flicker, the pileated woodpecker or the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. The idea of ​​this exhibition is to present to the public the different species of woodpeckers encountered in the forests of Lorraine and Quebec.


Petites plumes du Grand-Est

Petites plumes du Grand-Est

  Author : Didier ROBERT
  Publisher : Le livre en papier (Belgique)
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