Montier Photo Festival


Montier Photo Festival

Claudine et Denis LIONNET


  For about ten years we traveled the Sahara, prehistory and rock paintings lovers, fascinated by nomadic cultures. Geopolitics today limit travel in this region, we have turned to the Nordic countries, but always looking for large expanses of wilderness and extreme weather conditions. We are now passionate about wildlife in the North, between the Finnish Taiga and the shores of the Barents Sea ….



The end of winter is approaching in Lapland, the puffins return to their nesting zone on the coast of the Varanger peninsula facing the Barents Sea in the far north of Norway. They arrive earlier and earlier each year because of global warming, but the snow still very present in this isolated region, the other side of the world and frequent storms delay them for the preparation of nests. They gather in the snow in the meantime. Their clumsy appearance and bright orange beak have made them famous and earned them the nickname of «sea clowns», but the bird is rowdy and there are sometimes some fights.

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