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  Bernard Boisson is photographer, writer, journalist, lecturer, filmaker, ecopsychological consultant, and manager of "Forêt Citoyenne" (Citizen forest) He has been exploring natural woodlands and old-growth forest in Europe since 1990. His approach isn't specifically "naturalist", and apprehends particular feelings in theses forests that help us to get out of the psychological conditioning of society. Thus, he contributes to an other way to think the territorial management from the most rural landascape to the most urban landscape.



"Carpathia Sylvae" is an requested exhibition by the NGO Vita Sylvae Conservation about last relics of old-growth-forest in Maramures (a cross-border region between Romania and Ukraine). This twin exhibition is Franco-Romanian. It is both in a Romanian naturalist museum at Sighetu Marmaţie, near the Ukrainian border, and nomadic in France. The photos, presented at the Montier-en-Der festival, are part of a wider exhibition, both educational and artistic ; with others contributors : Bertrand Sicard (his manager), Vincent Vignon (scientist), Patryck Vaucoullon (illustrator). Vitae Sylvae Conservation has been considering the need for this exhibition supporting sensitive awareness in order to encourage any support for its acquisition projects of natural carpatian forests to their preservation.


La Forêt est l'avenir de l'homme

La Forêt est l'avenir de l'homme

  Author : Bernard Boisson
  Publisher : Editions Courrier du Livre