Montier Photo Festival




  Having always lived in the Paris region, nothing predestined me to make nature photography my passion, but the chance of encounters gave rise to this vocation that never left me. For nearly 20 years, I have tried to combine nature photography with an urban space that leaves little room for the living. My approach was thus built as a testimony, to discover a space where the living tries to adapt and survive. Nothing predestined me to go on an adventure in a territory as inhospitable as a little-known island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Bering Island. The chance of encounters has however once again passed by there, and it was in 2009 that I discovered the existence of a region in total opposition to my way of life as a city dweller. It is therefore a project halfway between the human adventure and the discovery of a wild nature almost totally preserved that led me to carry out two expeditions there. Without ever losing the passion that has always animated me in nature photography, I wanted to show all the aspects of this island, including the sometimes unsuspected link that exists between the few human populations and the living that surrounds them.



The largest island in the Commander’s Archipelago, Bering Island (1,660 km²) is a territory that mixes tundra, mountains, steep shores… Swept by the winds, covered with mists in summer and snow in winter, life is harsh for both the wildlife and the few populations living the village of Nikolskoye (671 inhabitants in 2021). There, time does not pass according to a predetermined schedule: it is the capricious weather that dictates its rules, and we still live there to the rhythm of the seasons. This small world far from the world, I discovered for a couple of days, 13 years ago, and since then, I have always hoped to return. It was during the summer of 2018, then in the winter of 2020, that conditions were created for solo expeditions of 3 months each. This exhibition does not claim to reveal all the aspects of this island still so little known, but to present a sample of the wildlife that I have rubbed shoulders with throughout my various journeys, of their environment and of the connection that can be created with Human.

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