Montier Photo Festival




  Photographer and author for more than 15 years, Lionel travels all over the world to publish his images in major print titles and for specialized guides. Driven by a sensitive gaze and a deep love of nature, Lionel searches with passion for the most beautiful lights. His photographs reflect his love of aesthetics, nature and humanity. Sharing his experience and expertise in a good mood is second nature for this athletic, charismatic, open and caring trainer.



For many years I have been traveling to northern Greece. Especially in the park National Park of Kerkini, on the Bulgarian border. Among the birds that can be observed there are the Dalmatian pelicans (Dalmatian Pelican). This exhibition is a synthesis of all these years of seeking the atmospheres that will highlight these comical and prehistoric-looking birds. The different lights highlight its strength, its elegance and its environment. It is also an opportunity to make known this animal weakened by our human behaviour, but also by diseases such as avian flu. A species globally internationally threatened, but now winters and breeds on this lake.