Montier Photo Festival


Pascal BOURGUIGNON - Déclic Editions



  Photographer, manager of Déclic Editions Specialist in aerial photography and nature photography - Very high resolution 100 Mpix digital photography - Large format NB film photography, 13x18 & 8x10" and old processes - Fujifilm Ambassador - Tree lovers, Marne and Haute Marne correspondent (51 - 52) of the remarkable TREES of France association



As a tree lover, I often photograph them from the sky on a paramotor. Over the past ten years, I have accumulated images of the same tree, a few hundred meters from my takeoff, a solitary oak tree in the open field. The diversity of the weather, its environment or quite simply the points of view gave me the idea of bringing them together in a book: “Auprès de mon arbre”, the motionless adventures of Quercus robur The texts, requested from different speakers, will sometimes be precise, funny, scientific or anecdotal, poetic or intriguing. The images will be in turn detailed or technical, enveloped in beautiful atmospheres, symmetry or surprising graphics. For these texts, I have solicited personalities from the world of trees, from the world of photography, but also writers, poets, and more broadly friends, all sensitive to the importance of trees.